Optically Transparent Epoxy Glues

Glues For Electronic Industry
PEO-10KE, PEO-15KE, PEO-113K, PEO-90K

Are intended for sticking elements of optoelectronic devices [assembly of indicators, matrix emitters, optocouples etc.], and also potting [encapsulation] of the electronic circuits of the surface and closed installation [reading devices, photoreceivers of the big area, condensers, etc.]. Provide good moisture protection, high optical and dielectric properties of devices, operating stability under conditions of temperature extremes, impacts and vibrations.

Glues For Optical Industry
PEO-10K, PEO-13K, PEO-90K, PEO-40K

Are intended for sticking optical elements among themselves and bonding them in settings, potting [gluing] ends of fiber optic cables in hard and flexible endoscopes, manufacturing component basis of FOLC [optical forks, sockets etc.], and also small diameter lenses. Glues have good spreading, high light transmission in UV, visual and IR fields of a spectrum; in a cured state are resistant to moisture, pressure, temperature, and other aggressive factors. The high hardness in a polymerized state allows realizing high quality of a polish.

Glues For Jewelry Industry
PEO-110K, PEO-113K, PEO-90K

Are intended for bonding insertions from semi-precious stones, glasses, amber, decorative plastics in products from metals and alloys, and also impregnation stone raw materials with the purpose of its hardening. Provide the improved masking of a gluing layer [at the request of the customer glues can be colorless or toned in necessary color], good cohesion of join, and also prevention of damages [cracking etc.] fragile stones at machining and while in service.


Glues Universal
PEO-10K-0,5E, PEO-115K, PEO-33KE, PEO-28K

Are intended for sticking of glass, porcelain, transparent plastics, metal, tree, covering atmosphere and waterproof coats [for example, in badges etc.], manufacturing of fibreglasses. Have good moistening, high adhesion. In a cured state glues are not toxic, are fireproof, are resistant to activity of spirit, petrol, weak acids and alkalis, and also to mechanical and temperature actions [from -60 up to +140ºС].

Base Compositions & Modifications

Mark Brief description Mix ratio,
A : B
Cure schedule: temperature, ºC
/time, hrs
PEO-10K colorless 4 : 1 [20-25]/24 or
PEO-110K colorless, elasticized, with low viscosity
PEO-10K-0,5E same, with the greater pot life [20-25]/48 or
PEO-10KE same, it is strong elasticized [for not of hard joints]
PEO-115K yellow, elasticized, with low viscosity [20-25]/24 or
PEO-15KE same, it is strong elasticized, with the greater pot life [20-25]/48 or
PEO-13K colorless 8 : 1 [20-25]/24 or
PEO-113K colorless, elasticized
PEO-33KE yellow, elasticized
PEO-90K colorless, low viscous, heat-resistant 1 : 1 [100-110]/6
PEO-40K same, with boosted thermo stability and bleaching effect [120-130]/4
PEO-28K yellow, low viscous, heat-resistant


The pot life of glues PEO-10K, PEO-110K, PEO-115K, PEO-13K, PEO-113K and PEO-33KE ranges after mixing components not less than 1 hour, glues PEO-10K-0,5E, PEO-10KE and PEO-15KE - not less than 2 hours, and glues PEO-90K, PEO-40K and PEO-28K - 1 day at room temperature.

The typical optical and physical-mechanical characteristics of cured glue bonds: spectral region of transparence 300-2200 nm, transmittance of layer by thickness 0,1mm 98-100%, index of refraction nD = 1,55 - 1,59, ultimate strength at a tension 35-55 MPa, relative tensile elongation 4 - 6 %, water absorption 0,1 - 0,3 %.

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