Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology
Laboratory of Polymer's Physics

We are specialists for development and manufacture optical epoxy casting compounds for optoelectronic devices:

  • light emitting diodes standard and special designs

  • LED indicators, light bars and arrays

  • numeric, alpha-numeric and dot matrix displays

  • photoreceivers and optocouples.

The key of our success is our scientific and management team who monitor the market trends closely and develop products ahead of our competition.

Based on the experience gained in two decades of years in development and investigation of optical epoxypolymeric materials for quantum electronics [laser medias] and optics [glues, light filters]  the Laboratory of Polymer's Physics has become today the leading creator and manufacture of highest cleaning epoxy casting compounds for optoelectronics in Russia. They have got predetermined spectral and refractive properties:

  • high transparence from UV to IR spectral regions,

  • full range of colors as well as luminescent,

  • light scattering effects

and superior mechanical and electrical properties.

For technical questions and sales please contact:
[812] 494 93 92     [812] 317 89 62

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